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– Rod Blair, President

IT Infrastructure

Blair & Company has implemented a robust IT infrastructure that is continually being expanded and improved. Through the use of server virtualization, enterprise storage architecture, cloud computing, and mobile workspaces, we deliver innovative and reliable claims management services to our clients.

IT infrasrtuture

Utilizing datacenters in both our Eastern and Western regional offices enables our infrastructure to remain online and available even through a catastrophic event affecting one of these regions. We have taken great care to design an infrastructure, policies, and plans to protect Blair & Company, our clients, and their Insureds from unexpected outages or loss of data.


Blair & Company has developed a proprietary line of business claims management system called CLAIMS. This system is the result of over a decade of development and continues to adapt and evolve to fulfill our changing business needs.

Claims database document management Our CLAIMS Database tracks many different aspects of claims management with the primary tasks being: claim intake and assignment, timesheet management, diary tracking/reports, reserve and invoice management, bordereaux production, check issuance, document production, and CMS and OFAC SDN compliance. Our document management system is integrated into our CLAIMS Database as well. Every document produced over the lifetime of handling a claim is stored in this document management system and thereby seamlessly accessible from CLAIMS. This system is also utilized to streamline our document production and review capabilities with its custom workflow features.

Business Continuity and Disaster Preparedness

Blair & Company has invested significant time and resources into building a virtual-private cloud that will ensure our operations remain online despite catastrophic failures at either of our regional offices. Through use of industry leaders in data storage, server hardware, and communication providers, along with leveraging the power of virtualization, Blair & Company’s IT infrastructure is powerful and agile.

We have storage hardware which provides real-time replication of all production data between our Western Regional Office and our Eastern Regional Office. This allows us to bring all production systems online significantly faster than relying on traditional backup/restore methods.

Business continuity and disaster preparedness

In the event that one of our offices experiences a power failure or catastrophic event, the servers at the unaffected office will take over, switching all voice, email, and data services to the functioning facility. All Blair & Company employees have the equipment and training to perform their duties  remotely. We have taken all foreseeable steps to ensure that our services remain online and responsive in the event of any equipment or facility outage.

Client Access

Remote access to information is a necessary way of doing business in today’s economy. Removing impediments to the flow of critical information speeds the resolution of claims, which is our ultimate goal.

Blair & Company is able to deliver access to business-critical information for all remote users, while ensuring the security of that data. We provide superior and timely claims services by making information easily and instantly accessible to our clients.

Client access

Clients with authorized remote access are provided with a user name and password. Remote users are able to access our servers using the same strong encryption methods that are used by many financial institutions. Remote users have 24/7 access to view claim reports, correspondence, claim activity logs, vendor bills, photographs, loss runs, bordereaux , and more.